Updated awstats for Debian

The awstats package in Debian is pretty outdated. Etch has version 6.5. Sid has 6.7. Version 6.9 was released on December 28, 2008. I’m a statistics junky and the new version has better robot detection so I built an updated package on my lenny/sid machine: awstats_69-1_all.deb. This package also works perfectly on my etch server without changes.

I did apply all the Debian patches that were still relevant so it should be the equivalent of the official Debian package.

Making KDE Play Nice on a GNOME Desktop

I prefer GNOME for the most part, but some KDE applications are simply better than their GNOME counterparts. That said, there are some problems getting them to work well together. I recently discovered that installing k3b cause my GNOME menus to, for lack of a better word, explode. Here’s how I went about fixing them.

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Monitoring a UPS with nut on Debian or Ubuntu Linux

There are two different ways to monitor a UPS with nut: either expose the UPS hardware to GNOME Power Manager through hal or monitor the UPS directly with upsmon and upsd. There are trade-offs with each approach. Let’s take a look at both.

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